vrijdag, april 25, 2014

Propaganda Documentary (complete version)

As westerners we tend to look with superior (and prejudiced) eyes to other cultures.

Although some of us are aware of this fact and try to transcendent our own culture, even then we are never watching 'neutrally'. There is always someone observing and a preconceived concept is already lurking in our minds, dictating our ideas and the ones that follow, no matter how hard one tries to be aware of the observer.

For this reason, the documentary 'Propaganda' by New Zealand documentary makers (not by North Koreans as wrongly assumed) is a true masterpiece.

It shows us westerners in the mirror, in the looking glass and how deep the rabbit hole goes.

It may change your perception about western culture, how typical words like 'freedom', 'liberty', 'democracy' ... are often merely words, without true meaning in practice. Words we like to recite to justify our superior way of thinking, even impose it on others.

This documentary examines meaning and association and puts western concepts to the ultimate hard test of reality.

This is the full and complete version.

Please watch when you are able to reserve 1 hour and 35 minutes,
and a lifetime to think about it.