woensdag, mei 19, 2010

Een lezer vraagt, wij publiceren:

Met unanimiteit van méér dan 5.000 'forum members' publiceren wij volgend bericht:

“If legislators on a global scale do not succeed in regulating and controlling the actions of investment banks and recent developments in investing as quantum and flash trading, eventually our economic system faces a major meltdown.

The severe and deliberate destabilisation of the markets can be retraced to transactions by owners of powerful leverage and speculative funds (Vector, Mangroup, George Soros Funds, …).

These parties have become so influential they can no longer be considered to serve society, but the interest of the few. Nor should these actions be treated with the gloom of financial knowhow,
but should be trialled appropriately as criminal and anti-social behaviour.Their acts should be labelled appropriately as a crime against mankind.

Beyond any reasonable doubt further absence of political and legislative power on a global scale to counteract recent developments on the financial markets, will prove catastrophic for the great majority of humankind in these decennia.”